Vintage in Vogue

 The Portland Museum of Art hosts and houses boundless artists in its many galleries but the Great Hall is an austere, vast, sleek space that begs for human intervention. It’s a study in granite and a modern, clean aesthetic that makes it a perfect foil for the trimmings of a bygone era. So the concept became one of minimal versus lush, juxtaposing elements that seem incongruous until they combine in beautiful harmony … much like love, often. From Angela Adams’ clad banquettes to vintage mink, the tone was set. Add in a Big Band, some classic cocktails, a mélange of gorgeous characters and you have the makings of a perfect small wedding celebration. We took our cues from vintage photos for flowers and décor while digging into cookbooks inherited from our grandmothers for food that reflected the menus of old Grand Hotels and private supper clubs. It was surprisingly easy to find all the pieces once the vision was clear … the plexi table once used for a minimalist dinner now finds a home in the hall adorned with classic calla lilies, luxe glassware & pink satin napkins. It’s really all in the ingredients and how they are used to create the dish, or a painter incorporates different colors on a canvas, or actors bring to life a play on the stage. It’s all art.


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